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Building Human Resources Ltd

Focus on your core business by using our expertise

Building Human Resources has a proven track record as a successful human resource consultancy and interim HR management company, with a reputation for providing an exemplary service at a competitive rate. Founded in 2003 by Joanne Williams, Chartered MCIPD, the company offers a comprehensive range of services in line with current employment legislation and best practice - for specific projects, one-off pieces of work, and/or retained services.

Tailoring our services towards your needs

Employment legislation increases in its complexity every year. Staff are also becoming increasingly litigious. We tailor our services accordingly and towards your needs, giving you expert advice and guidance that is:
We can help you organiseAre your people in line?

  • Timely

  • Effective

  • Pragmatic

Claims against companies who do not have fundamental HR practices in place can amount to thousands of pounds – potentially crippling for many businesses. However large or small your organisation, and whatever industry you are in, we will identify any areas for concern and protect your bottom line.

We will add value to your business

Employment red tape for SME’s is growing and changing. Unlike large organisations, many small businesses simply do not have the time or the resources to deal with it. By turning to us you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you are receiving the very best HR expertise available, freeing you to focus 100% on your core business.

Teamwork we help to buildWhat sets us apart from even our fiercest competitors is that we go further. We pride ourselves not only on the standard of services we offer, but also on the close relationships and clear communication we establish with our clients - something many other HR consultancies fail to do.

Thanks to the professionalism, dedication and genuine enthusiasm of

our team, we will add value to your business and ensure you meet your objectives.

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